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Recent testimonies of successful business networking - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

New entrepreneur:
Laura Gomez Rodríguez (Spain)
Age: 29
Company name: (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Energy, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

"This experience and particularly my host entrepreneur Antonio, helped me develop and empower my entrepreneurial mindset. Since the very first day, I was impressed by his ability to transform any kind of idea into a potential business opportunity."

Host entrepreneur:
Antonio Ciccarelli (Italy)
Age: 37
Company name: (10 years of experience)
Sector of activity: Energy, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

"I am enthusiastic about the programme since it gave me the opportunity to make my experience available for a talented aspiring entrepreneur like Laura. I would define this experience as a win-win one because it was beneficial for Laura but also for my company to expand in new European markets.”

Period of exchange: 02/2016 until 05/2016
Duration of exchange: 3 Months

The idea of creating NostrAEnergy Energy is Up to Us!0 is the result of a collaboration between three young professionals who share the same concerns about environment and renewable energy. Laura Gomez, Isabella Cardinali and Federico Tarantino.

Laura is a young Spanish woman who graduated in environmental sciences from the University of Salamanca. She also has a master degree in sustainability and few years of experience in the sector.

Yet, despite the background and experience starting up is not easy. Laura notably needed management skills and insights into the internationalisation process of NostraEnergy. Reaching the Italian market was actually her goal.

Thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, she got in touch with Antonio Ciccarelli, CEO of SEA Servizi Energia Ambiente, an engineering business located in L’Aquila (Italy) which acts as ESCO (Energy Service Company).

Antonio founded SEAServizi 12 years ago, back in 2005. And since then, the company kept on growing successfully. Learning from Antonio was thus a great opportunity for Laura, who wanted to develop at the same time her technical and entrepreneurial skills as both enterprises operates in the same sector.

Laura and Antonio worked together during three months. During this period, Laura learned about the ESCo’ (Energy Service Company) model and the entire EPC’s (Energy Performance Contract) process that SEA use in their projects.

The knowledge and skills that Laura developed highly contributed to her development by putting. She notably started a strategic plan to approach new customers for SEA in Barcelona, using the advantage of the Italian ESCo’s expertise as well as the technical and financial support.

On a more business perspective, Antonio helped Laura to reorient and improve some aspects of her business plan. The experience was a chance for her to explore new opportunities for NostraEnergy.

This collaboration was successful for both Laura and Antonio who signed a partnership agreement to work on specific projects.


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