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Recent testimonies of successful business networking - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

New entrepreneur:
Erdman Samuel Doumbè (Belgium)

Company name: JUST MAKE HIT (Start-up)
Sector of activity: Music, theater, events and related cultural and entertainment services

Host entrepreneur:
Cecilia Mosze Tham (Spain)

Company name: MOB (Makers Of Barcelona)
Sector of activity: Education and training services

Period of exchange: 05/2015 until 10/2015
Duration of exchange: Five months

A new Brussels entrepreneur is born thanks to ‘Erasmus for Entrepreneurs’

Erdman is a young Belgian entrepreneur whose philosophy is to make the most of every single moment that life offers to him.

Erdman has a strong personality and character; he likes adventure, risks and is also passionate about music and business. He thus gathers the best characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is his way of life!

The idea of starting-up JUST MAKE HIT during his time in a recording studio in Paris. It took him few years to prepare his project as he needed first to learn how to become an entrepreneur. To this aims he attended various training sessions in business management, workshops of which one was dedicated to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and also had a prior entrepreneurial experience in Brazil.

Erdman saw this programme as a unique opportunity to develop his entrepreneurial competences and skills. Spending time in Barcelona (Spain) with a successful host entrepreneurs will help him to develop his self-confidence, leadership and autonomy as on top of everything network and meet potential clients.

To find a suitable host entrepreneur and organise his stay abroad, Erdman relied on his Intermediary Organisation Brussels, Belgium.

He chose as host entrepreneur Cecilia Tham, founder of MOB (Makers Of Barcelona), a business which promotes entrepreneurship and creativity to young people.

The company offers trainings to young people so that they fulfil the labour market demand, and knowledge needed to enable them to create their own jobs, notably in the web sector.

During his stay abroad in Barcelona, Erdman had the opportunity to work on the WeCode BCN event co-organise by MOB & IronHack.
As project manager for this event, Erdman was responsible for sponsorship and the communication strategy that the prepared together with the head of communications.

Organising such a project without financial resources was an interesting challenge for him. He notably met a wide range of people coming from various towns across Spain. ‘I was particularly proud to see so much enthusiasm and hear so much positive feedback’ says Erdman.

The event, which was broadcast on national television and covered by several media, was an out-and-out success with over 300 attendees.

For Erdman, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was and enriching experience at both levels: professional and personal.‘Organising such a project enabled me to strengthen my entrepreneurial qualities, to identify and improve my weaknesses, and above all to learn from working in peer with my host entrepreneur, Cecilia Tham.’said Erdman.

The exchange was a chance for him to put into practice the theoretical knowledge he has acquired during training sessions. In addition to this, the experience and best practices shared with other entrepreneurs enabled him to improve some aspects of his business plan. Last but not least he found partners with whom he currently works.

‘Working in a different cultural context also helped me to acknowledge the importance of including the socio-cultural elements of a market when drawing up the marketing strategy. I highly recommend this programme to any young entrepreneurs seeking to learn and strengthen their skills.’ says Erdman.

Erdman was also amazed by Barcelona, its energy, cultural diversity, climate and beaches which explains people's zest for life in Mediterranean countries. ‘It is easy there to meet people and share mutually enriching experiences.’ says Erdman.

Taking part in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme was for him extremely useful for the next steps of his entrepreneurial adventure. The experience in Barcelona was for him enjoyable as well as very enriching.

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Host entrepreneur's contact point:
Promoció Econòmica de Sabadell SL (Sabadell )

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